Undergraduate rural pre-health program

Undergraduate students Interested in a career in rural healthcare? Join ReMBC’s rural pre-health mentorship program and be mentored by students in the health professions programs of your choice. 

Why join this program?

How the program works

Who are the mentors? 

  • Students in a health professions program: e.g. current med students, nursing students, pharmacy students, graduate students, and much more.  
  • From a rural community, or who are planning on practicing in a rural community.

Mentoring options 

You can choose to have one mentor in the program of your choice, or to have an interprofessional team of mentors from different programs of your choosing. 


Fill out a questionnaire and the eMentoring staff will match you to a mentor, or team of mentors, with similar goals and interests. 


Choose how and when to communicate with your mentor(s): you can exchange messages through our online platform, write emails, video chat, meet-up in person, even game online together – whatever suits you! 

If you choose to have more than one mentor, you can decide whether to communicate with them as a group (like a group chat or team meeting), or if you’d rather communicate with each mentor one-on-one. 

Communicate as often as you’d like, for as long as you’d like. We hope that you and your mentor become lifelong friends! 

Not sure what to talk about?  

We provide Conversation Sparkers that can prepare you for your discussions, help organize your thoughts, and help you think of questions to ask.

Mentee eligibility

  • Connection to rural, either:
    • Lived in a rural community. 
    • Interested in working in a rural community. 
  • Interested in a healthcare career. 
  • A current student at (or recent graduate from) a BC post-secondary institution, a former rural BC resident studying at (or recently graduated from) an out-of-province school, or a current post-secondary student at (or recent graduate from) any school who is looking to attend a BC health professions program or practice in a BC rural community. 
  • Not sure if you’re eligible? Ask us!