Our mission

Rural eMentoring BC aims to support and inspire the next generation of rural healthcare practitioners in British Columbia. Our program was created to address shortages of rural healthcare workers in BC by showing students from rural communities pathways to healthcare careers. By supporting rural students throughout their educational journeys, we hope that they return home to practice.  

We believe that the best way to inspire and support rural students is through mentorship. Learn why

Our goals

Inspire rural youth to explore their educational and career options

Though our roots are in healthcare, we also support youth interested in careers other than healthcare. We believe that showing rural youth their potential and encouraging them to aim high ultimately contributes to the overall well-being of rural communities.

Support rural students transitioning to post-secondary education

The transition to post-secondary education is a big one, especially for rural students who have to move far away from home to larger urban centres. Near-peer mentors can provide advice, support, and friendship to make this transition a little easier.

Inspire and support students to pursue rural healthcare careers

Healthcare careers are among the most high opportunity jobs, especially in rural BC. Unfortunately rural communities are underserved, leaving students with fewer opportunities to explore different healthcare educational and career pathways. ReMBC aims to level the playing field by showing students their options and providing personalized information on how they can achieve their healthcare career goals. 

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High school program

Pre-health undergraduate program 


Indigenous Initiatives


We are funded as an ongoing program of the Rural Education Action Plan, so we are able to provide all of our offerings for free! We are a non-profit and will never ask you for donations.