High School Students

A mentor can answer questions about post-secondary, choosing a career, “adulting”, what to do with your life, and so much more. Our mentors are students in post-secondary, so they know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

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One-on-one Mentoring

  • A MENTOR is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser or guide. This program matches you with a mentor who is a current post-secondary student. We match you to your mentor based on your shared career and educational interests, experiences, hobbies, and your personal preferences. Your mentor could be anywhere in the province and attending any of the various programs offered at their school. Even if you are not planning on attending post-secondary, this program is a great way to meet someone with different experiences and perspectives—you and your mentor can both learn from each other.
  • This program is structured around online activities that help you prepare for life after high school, but with the added twist of having a mentor as your own, personal sounding board. You can choose which activity topics to talk to your mentor about, and your mentor will answer your questions, offer advice, and help you plan for your future.
  • You’ll communicate with your mentor by sending messages to each other through our online platform. It’s not like instant messaging so you can send messages whenever you want and your mentor will respond within 3 days.
  • You and your mentor can share thoughts and ideas without other people like friends and family seeing what you type. The only people who can see what you type are your mentor and the eMentoring staff.

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Virtual Mentor Visits for Groups

Invite a mentor to speak to your club or student group. We have a diverse group of mentors studying in a wide variety of post-secondary programs.

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