Learn about our Mentors!

Our mentors are post-secondary students—but they’re so much more than that!

Who are our mentors?

  • Post-secondary students
  • From BC or studying in BC
  • Near-peers
  • Volunteers

Top Reasons for Applying:

  1. Want to help youth
  2. Wish they’d had this program
  3. Gain experience working with youth
  4. Mentoring is important
  5. Want to reach out to rural communities

Meet some of our Mentors

What other mentors say about us

“I had a lot of mentors while I was in that age group who cared more about my well-being than results, so I wanted to do the same thing for the next generation. It’s about creating that relationship and developing trust, so when you have the opportunity, you can say things that are meaningful for them.”

-Allan F (Mentor since 2019)

“I originally came from a rural setting and I wasn’t offered much guidance on what I wanted to do. I had a general idea of wanting to be involved in healthcare, but I didn’t have any idea of how to get there. A mentor would have given me more confidence in what I should do, so I wanted to be that person to these students.”

-Christopher D (Mentor since 2017)

“I love that this program lets students who are interested in medicine talk to somebody in medical school! That can be so valuable, especially if you don’t have anybody to talk to about that kind of thing.”

-Maegan S (Mentor since 2017)