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We have a variety of ways that educators can bring eMentoring to their students.

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Options for educators

One-on-one mentoring for students

Recruit students who would benefit from having a mentor.

We support at-risk students, valedictorians and everyone in between!

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One-on-one mentoring for classes

We’ve designed our one-on-one mentoring program to be flexible so that it can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of classroom settings. You can treat the program like an online course, where students earn credit, or like an informal chat, or anything in between! Learn more in our Information for Educators Guide about how to work eMentoring into your course, as well as descriptions of each unit and its contents.

The program’s units were designed with careers classes, like Career Life Education and Career Life Connections, in mind, so, if you wish, some of the units can supplement or even replace some of the content for those courses. However, if you’d simply like to use the program to give your students a chance to meet positive role-models outside their community and to inspire them to dream big, the program can be used more casually – with less emphasis on the units and more emphasis on the relationships.

How to sign up

  1. Decide on when and how you’ll be participating in the program. Learn more in our Information for Educators Guide.
  2. Ask us for a registration form. Fill it out and then we will contact you to confirm your information.
  3. Provide a list of your students’ names and emails. Your students will receive email invitations to the program the day before they complete their profiles.
  4. Join our platform to access the curriculum, your students’ accounts, and communicate with your students’ mentors.

Virtual mentor visits

Post-secondary students can speak to your students about their path to post-secondary, their post-secondary experiences, and career options. Contact us to arrange a virtual mentor visit